Hygiene And Acne

Acne is caused by a combination of factors, most of which are beyond the actual control of the person who is suffering from this skin condition. There are some who believe dirt and acne go hand in hand. However, this is not the case. However, there are some things that you can do to help yourself when it comes to controlling your acne symptoms.

The first thing to take note of if you suffer from acne is to wash excessively. Over-washing can actually dry your skin out, irritate it, or cause your skin to increase oil production causing even more breakouts.

If you are going to exfoliate great but be sure to use a gentle product. Avoid products that contain harsh materials like pits or shells and go for products designed to exfoliate without harming your skin. This can help to remove dead cells without causing damage to the new skin underneath.

One of the worst things to use on your skin is alcohol and products, which contain rubbing alcohol. This can be found in most toners. This form of alcohol is a strong astringent which if used will strip off the top layer of skin causing dryness to occur. Once this happens, your skin will automatically begin to produce more oil. This forms the perfect set of conditions for an acne breakout.

Everyone wants to get rid of blemishes caused by acne by popping them or squeezing them or scratching at them. These activities actually cause your acne to worsen as it drives the bacteria deeper into the skin. This causes a greater chance and spread of irritation and infection along with damaging the area surrounding the blemish. Many times, it is participating in these activities, which contributes to the cause of acne scaring.

Avoid touching your face. The bacteria which causes acne is actually a normal everyday resident of your skin, however, excessive touching can cause these normally outside bacterial residence to journey inward. Once inside they form the condition of a breakout.

Hygiene And Acne

If you are going to work out, remember to shower and wash off. Sweat and other oils and toxins that are brought to the skin’s surface during exercise need to be removed in order to make sure they do not end up back in the skin. Wet clothing, friction, and heat all together make the perfect condition for bacterial growth.

Preventative treatments, once you find a product or set of products that work for you in helping you to take care of your skin and reduce your breakouts remember to stick with it. There are a number of products from a selection of companies available on the market over the counter formulas. If these do not prove to be, effective there are also a number of doctors prescribed treatment options that may be available to you.

It is a good idea to begin treatment as soon as possible and remember to maintain the treatment that works for you, stopping preventative treatment usually results in the acne returning.